NPC/IFBB Pro league Transformation: Women’s Physique Competitor NATALIA ABRAHAM COELHO


Every competitor we are spotlighting began their competitive legacy in the NPC. We like to say you can become a champion in the NPC and a legend in the IFBB Pro League. Take a look at Women’s Physique Competitor NATALIA ABRAHAM COELHO Competitive Transformation from the National Physique Committee to one of  the best in the IFBB Professional League. She started her career as a Figure competitor and turned pro at the NPC Nationals at the age of 19. She changed divisions and is now one of the best IFBB Pro League Women’s Physique Competitors. She just recently won the 2020 Arnold Women’s Physique title.


2015 NPC NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Women’s Figure Class C Winner


2016 CONTESTS – IFBB MR OLYMPIA – Figure Division

2020 ARNOLD SPORTS FESTIVAL Women’s Physique Winner