IFBB Professional League Updated Rules for Fitness Routines


Effective June 3, 2021

PROPS (refer to IFBB Pro Fitness Rules, “Other Competition Rules”, section 5)

5. The use of props is permitted under the following conditions:

1. If a competitor intends to use a prop they must be able to transport and/or carry it on stage by themselves. Pre-approval by the IFBB Professional League Office Only must be obtained in advance of the competition, failing which the use of the prop may be disallowed. If the prop requires the assistance of anyone else, it will not be allowed.

2. Props that leave material onstage that may present a safety hazard and/or that require the stage to be cleaned before further use are prohibited.

3. Any item discarded during the routine must be removed by the competitor before exiting the stage without causing any delay in the competition.