Flex Lewis Will Not Compete At The 2020 Mr.Olympia : See Flex’s Video Message




Would be one word to describe my last three weeks.

Anyone who knows me, knows I work hard and suffer in silence. I am used to telling myself to “suck it up” on the hard dig deep days of prep, with the mentality of all gas no breaks. On this occasion it took my wife to step in and say something to me! This was the first time in 8yrs @alir87 has spoken up so needless to say my blinkers came on. It was only a few days later, that I was trying to fight my coach @neil_yoda_hill1 and Ali’s decision about pulling out of the @mrolympiallc

Since my first show at 19 years old, bodybuilding has been my life. In that time Neil has been with me for every single show. We have never pulled out of any show. I can tell story’s about competing with injuries, being sick, heck one show I got conjunctivitis and I was blind on stage. Pulling out? Not a thought!!!

So making this decision with my team was not easy for me. I fought it hard, and I still struggle with it, I be lying if I said different. But I am in a good metal state and I am staying positive about all this.

I want to wish every athlete who is to compete at this very special Mr. Olympia the very very best. This is going to be one of the most unique and craziest shows in history.
What a show!!!! Good luck lads: