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Welcome Message from Joe Weider
Patron, IFBB Pro League

Download Joe Weider's CURRICULUM VITAE in PDF format

I published the first edition of YOUR PHYSIQUE in 1940.

In 1946, my brother Ben and I created the IFBB.

In 1965, I created the Mr. Olympia, our first professional bodybuilding competition. The Ms. Olympia followed in 1980, the Fitness Olympia in 1995, and the Figure Olympia in 2003.

Professional Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure have truly matured since Larry Scott captured that first Olympia crown on the evening of September 19, 1965, before a standing-room-only crowd at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York City.

We formed our first Professional Committee in 1975, with Arnold Schwarzenegger as our first Chairman. Over the years, we attracted the very best people to help grow our professional sport – the Athletes who sacrifice much to display their physiques before their fans; the Judges who live by the creed “Let the best physique win!”; and the Officials who we entrust to wisely administer our sport.

I may be best known as a publisher, but my brother and I were always Promoters at heart. Throughout our history, we have been blessed with dedicated, hardworking Promoters who take great pride in providing the stage upon which our Athletes compete.

Today, publishing is not just about magazines. Unlike any other medium in history, the Internet has captured the attention of the high-paced, information-hungry world we now live in … and it’s all just a mouse click away!

IFBBPRO.com is your window into the world of the IFBB Professional League. Visit our site and take advantage of all we have to offer.

My best wishes to all our viewers, fans and supporters,

Joe Weider
Trainer of Champions since 1936

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Welcome Message from Ben Weider, O.C., C.St.J, C.Q., Ph.D. [1923-2008] 

Download Ben Weider's CURRICULUM VITAE in PDF format

On behalf of the IFBB Professional League, I am pleased to welcome you to our Official Website at IFBBPRO.com.

In today's high-speed world, the rapid dissemination of information, made possible by the World Wide Web, is vital to the future growth and development of the Pro League and to professional Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure.

Since the redesigned IFBBPRO.com first went online on September 8, 2007, we have experienced tremendous growth, reaching out to viewers in over 180 countries around the world each month.

IFBBPRO.com is positioned to play a unique and invaluable support role to the Pro League by providing up-to-date and accurate information on our worldwide activities.

IFBBPRO.com is the place to go for complete contest scorecards and the best quality photographs of all our pro events. Our contest schedule will provide you with detailed information about each and every pro competition. Our “Feature” section, where we introduce new sport personalities every few weeks, has become a great hit with our viewers. You can visit our Hall of Fame and read about our sport’s Legends, Leaders and Champions. Or browse through our Remembering section and take a journey into our past. With just a click of the mouse, you can find out who’s qualified for this year’s Olympia, or step back in time and peruse the fascinating history of this great event – the Mr, Ms, Fitness and Figure Olympia – created by my brother, Joe Weider, or get the latest news about our many other activities.

Joe and I founded the IFBB [amateur] in 1946, with only two countries as members – Canada and USA. In 1965, the IFBB Mr. Olympia became our first professional competition. Since then, the Pro League has grown tremendously as a result of the dedication and commitment of our Athletes, Judges, Officials and Promoters and because of the support of our fans.

Once again, welcome to our site. I wish you an enjoyable visit.

Ben Weider, C.M., C.St.J, C.Q., Ph.D. [1923-2008]

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