Born January 27, 1938
Saint Lucia

First bit by the bodybuilding bug on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, Learie Carasco (a.k.a. Rick Wayne) pursued a bodybuilding career after immigrating to England in 1961.

In 1963, at age 25, Wayne placed sixth at the FIHC Mr. Universe contest. In the July 1964 issue of MUSCLE BUILDER, he was hailed as "England’s Music-Muscle Man" because of his nightclub singing act in London. Later that year, he won the tall class at the Mr. Europe and placed second in the tall class at the Mr. Universe in Paris. In 1965, he won the short-class title at the IFBB Mr. Universe, held in conjunction with the first-ever Mr. Olympia. He went on to earn the 1967 IFBB Mr. Universe short-class title, as well as the overal at the 1967 Mr. World. He won the 1969 Mr. Universe and the 1970 Mr. World medium-class titles.

By then, his writing abilities were widely recognized. In 1970, he became editor-in-chief of MUSCLE BUILDER and worked on and off for Joe Weider for the next 17 years. When FLEX was a one-year-old fledgling, Wayne came aboard as editor-in-chief to invigorate it, and so its climb to eminence began.

By 1987, Saint Lucia’s siren song was summoning him home, and he returned to begin his own publishing dream – unrelated to bodybuilding. As the publisher of the island’s Star newspaper, he is currently rumored to be running for the prime minister of his homeland.

Wayne fashioned a unique place for himself on the bodybuilding landscape as one of the best – if not the best – writers the sport has known, with literary skills matched by accomplishments on the posing platform.


Hall of Fame Inductees for 2005