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PROPTA Certification Classes to be Aired in Real Time on the Web Los Angeles
PROPTA will air live Academy Course lectures in real time in English to certify personal trainers around the world.

Starting on February 13, 2010, PROPTA Certification classes will be broadcast live over the web, and students will be able to log in from anywhere in the world and watch them in real time (California, Pacific Standard Time). The classes will be broadcast as they are being conducted, in their entirety, with instructor lecture, guest speakers, discussion and questions from students attending the actual class, and application of the topics being studied in each particular class.

Students watching the Internet podcasts will be able to interact with instructors during and after each class, chat about topics and ask questions.

PROPTA curriculum is not like any other, because it teaches real, practical application in an atmosphere of aptitude, personalization and in-depth instruction,” says Joe Antouri, President and CEO of PROPTA.

PROPTA classes are taught by industry-renowned Professional Trainers who are specialists in their field and world-class title-winning athletes. The classes also bring in guest speakers who are IFBB Professional League athletes, business managers, nutritionists, lawyers and doctors affiliated with the Private Trainers Association.

Certifications are offered as a dual cert. program for Personal Trainers and Nutrition Techs. This Certification takes 6 weeks if students want the whole curriculum, with intensive, Saturdays-only classes, with a curriculum divided between practical application training and in-class study. Graduates will be Personal Trainers with the highest level of academic and practical skills who will be leaders in the Health and Fitness Industry, who have the knowledge and skills necessary to design and implement safe, effective and unique programs with the Academy curriculum that benefit every client.

The curriculum includes Anatomy & Physiology: Biomechanics, Kinesiology, Muscle and Skeletal Structure, Nervous and Cardiovascular systems; Nutrition: Classifications of Nutrients in the Diet, Digestion, Enzymes, Body Function; Practical Experience: Proper Hands-On Practical Application, Proper Exercise Implementation, Client Safety; and Business: Book keeping, Licenses, Self Promotion, Billing and Pricing.

The Certification can also be studied as a single cert. for Personal Trainers or Nutrition Techs. All study material, classes and practical examples are included, and there are even more benefits after becoming certified by PROPTA, including health insurance, professional endorsement, and industry referrals.

For additional information on PROPTA Live Streaming 6-Week and 3-Week Courses, or PROPTA Certifications, contact Joe Antouri or visit www.propta.com. PROPTA courses are available to students via Saturday classes, one-on-one instruction, DVD courses, in 5 languages and now live real-time Web streaming broadcast.

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