October 3, 1945 – May 18, 1988

If bodybuilding contest winners were selected by a popularity vote of audiences and fans, Kay Baxter would have been a multi-Ms. Olympia. In a competitive career that began in 1979 and had run its course by 1986, Kay Baxter became a standard-bearer for women who aspired to an ultimate level of muscularity.

For the most part, Baxter was handled harshly by judges who felt she was too extreme for general acceptance by the public. Unwittingly, it was this stance that brought Baxter enormous popularity within the sport. Fans loved her. Even those who competed against her held her in the highest regard. Baxter competed in four IFBB Ms. Olympia contests from 1982-85.

Placing eighth in her first IFBB Ms. Olympia and finishing as low as 16th in 1984, Baxter never wavered in her love of building maximum muscle. “Someone had to stick her neck out for the cause of muscular women … and I’ve got no regrets about that … not one”, she said.

Long considered the earth mother of women’s bodybuilding, Baxter’s battle cry was “Get built without guilt.” She did just that. Perhaps the best example of Baxter’s impact on the bodybuilding world was reflected in the annual poll that Women’s Physique Publication conducted to select “The Best Woman Bodybuilder in the World”.

Baxter won in landslide fashion each year from 1979 to 1982. Tragically, Kay was killed in an automobile accident in 1988 at a time when her career had begun to move toward acting and the movie industry. Because of her physical and spiritual contributions to women’s bodybuilding, Kay Baxter was one of a kind.


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