Kim Lyons, Gunter Schlierkamp and Lou Ferrigno
MODELS: Kim Lyons, Gunter Schlierkamp and Lou Ferrigno

For fast and easy nutritious meals — IFBB PRO Food Prep tools are the perfect choice!
IFBB PRO XL5 Muscle Performance blender is the only blender designed for bodybuilders.  With the push of a button – you'll create perfectly blended supplement drinks, pre- and post-workout beverages, healthful smoothies and more.
Powerful by design — IFBB PRO XL5 Muscle Performance blender is an impressive machine of durable construction. Excellent commercial-quality motor and custom pre-programmed controls allow precise execution of multiple blend cycles. Suitable for use with all supplement products.
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XL5 Muscle Performance Blender
XL5 Muscle Performance Blender XL5 Muscle Performance Blender
Special Features:
* Designed for the bodybuilder with preprogrammed powder blend and smoothie settings
* 600 watts of pure power – the commercial quality motor gives the results you want
* Custom settings allow precise execution for blending supplement drinks, pre – and post-workout beverages, healthy smoothies and more
* Stir stick technology forces ingredients into the blades for smoother results
* Dispensing valve for quick and easy serving
* Large capacity XL sized 56 ounce glass blending jar
* Stainless steel base
* 1-year limited warranty

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