IFBB Pro League endorses PROPTA certification program for professional private trainers

IFBB Pro League is pleased to endorse the Professional Private Trainers Association (PROPTA) – a leading accredited educational institution run by IFBB Pro League members to certify, educate and support professional fitness and bodybuilding trainers worldwide. Unlike any other similar organization, all experts providing the hands-on practical application for the courses are IFBB Pro League athletes recognized for their discipline, and highly skilled training techniques and nutrition regimens. PROPTA instructors are on the floor educating the students and not behind a desk in an office.

Students of PROPTA who are looking for career advancements in one of the fastest growing fields are offered the unique opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and well-honed training by studying with expert IFBB Pro League athletes. PROPTA is the world's most esteemed professional personal training academy and offers programs in 22 nations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Individual and group study programs are available in many ways, allowing students flexibility to study at their own pace and within their schedules, including:

-  Home Study/Online Course
-  3 Week One-On-One Instructional Course with an IFBB Pro Athlete
-  6 week  One-On-One Instructional Course with an IFBB Pro Athlete
-  One-on-One Instruction With an IFBB Pro Athlete – 1 Certification
-  One-on-One Instruction With an IFBB Pro Athlete – 2 Certifications
-  Academy Courses – 1 Certification
-  Academy Courses – 2  Certifications
-  2-Day Weekend Seminar – IFBB Pros Touring the World

Certified fitness instructors of PROPTA are among the most knowledgeable, dedicated and skilled due to the comprehensive programs and depth of subjects covered in all of the certification programs. PROPTA instructors have unparalleled practical and academic excellence in their respective disciplines, and are highly sought-after by health clubs, medical spas and other finer fitness facilities that seek to provide highly specialized staff to service their clientele.

Key professionals involved with PROPTA include:

-  Charles Glass – IFBB Pro Athlete
-  Mike Sable – Mr. World, Mr. Universe
-  Lenda Murray – Eight-time Miss Olympia
-  Melvin Anthony – IFBB Pro Athlete
-  Claude Groulx – Master Mr. Olympia
-  Vince Taylor – Master Mr. Olympia
-  Mike Ergas – Mr. USA
-  Bob Cicherillo – Mr. USA
-  Tanji Johnson – IFBB Fitness Pro Athlete

Other recognized athletes who are members of PROPTA are Albert Beckles, Derik Farnsworth, Vince Galanti, Darrem Charles, Marika Johansson, Roland Kickinger, Chris Cormier, Dennis James, Quincy Taylor, Tom Prince, Will Harris, John Brown, Tommie Thorvildsen, Juliette Bergman, Andrulla Blanchette, Laura Mak, Lisa Maloy, Ronnie Coleman, MaDonna Grimes, Sherry Goggin and many more worldwide.

For over 29 years, PROPTA has an unsurpassed reputation as a quality educational institution for physical fitness training. PROPTA passionately strives for the success of every student, and is committed to its students throughout the curriculum, even after their graduation. PROPTA certification programs are the gold standard – PROPTA is the Official Professional Private Trainers Certification Authority of the IFBB Pro League, the Mixed Martial Arts Official Certification Authority, and is also recognized by distinguished regulatory organizations including the U.S. Department of Education, the California State Government Bureau for Private Post Secondary Education, and the GI Bill.

With IFBB Pro League athletes as instructors, PROPTA offers a wide range of certification programs for Personal Trainers, Nutrition Specialists, Olympic Weightlifting Coaches, Dance and Fitness Instructors, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts Coaches, and Youth and Health Fitness Coaches. The curriculum includes human anatomy, physiology, chemistry, kinesiology, microbiology, nutritional science, diet therapy, sports medicine, all aspects of weight and strength training, eating disorders, injury rehabilitation, medical conditions, specialty education in the working with the elderly, as well as courses in business. Regularly updated PROPTA textbooks are recognized as the most complete, informative, and genuinely university-level reference source.

Education is power! With a degree from PROPTA, you can build an exciting and well-paid career as a professional personal trainer. Join the coveted ranks of expert level fitness trainers by registering for PROPTA certification programs. For more details, or to view the selection of accredited certification programs, visit www.propta.com. You can also call toll-free at 1-800-317-3577 (in the U.S.) or 1-818-766-3317 (outside U.S.), or email info@propta.com.

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