George Eiferman

November 3, 1925 – February 12, 2002
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


George Eiferman’s persona enriched the sport for over 50 years, and at no time along his flexing journey did he lose his sense of humor or love of people. On returning from US Navy duty in World War II, Eiferman quickly began his rise to muscle greatness.

In 1947, he won the Mr. Philadelphia (his hometown) title, and a year later annexed the AAU Mr. America title. He later spent several years traveling the United States speaking to high school assembly groups, espousing fitness as a lifestyle, before being recruited in 1954 by actress Mae West to gather a group of musclemen for her touring nightclub stage show, which was a huge hit in its day.

By that time, Eiferman had established his gym business in Las Vegas, which for nearly three decades, was as hot a spot as the desert sand surrounding it. Fourteen years after his Mr. America win, Eiferman returned to the glare of the bodybuilding spotlight to win the 1962 IFBB Mr. Universe title.

It was his last competition, but if a Mr. Congeniality title existed, Eiferman would have had a lock on it. George passed away in February 2002.


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