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Meet the Promoter of the Australia Pro

Submitted by IFBB Pro League Staff

IFBBPRO.com introduces Australia Pro promoter
Tony Doherty

Tony Doherty is promoting the 10th edition of the Australia Pro Grand Prix this weekend [March 13, 2010] in Melbourne.  Check out the line-up here …

Tony was born November 23, 1964 in Melbourne, Australia where he currently resides.  Tony is married to Amanda Doherty (former IFBB Pro Fitness competitor).  Tony and Amanda have 4 children: Jesse (8), Florence (6), Adelaide (2) and Emerald (8 months).

Tony is owner/operator of Doherty's Gyms, 24-hour bodybuilding gyms in 3 locations around Melbourne. Tony is also a professional Master of Ceremonies and Trainer.  As well, Tony is host of the very popular weekly Max's Muscle TV program on Fox.   Tony promotes NPFC/IFBB amateur competitions in the State of Victoria and IFBB Pro League events in Australia.

IFBBPRO.com: How did you get involved in promoting IFBB/IFBB Pro League events?
I started out as a competitor and became interested in promoting shows.  At age 23, I started working with Paul and Carole Graham in 1988 and have been the Victorian State director ever since.  I have promoted over 60 amateur shows and this year will be the 10th pro show.

Editor's Note: [Paul Graham is IFBB Vice President for Australasia and the South Pacific and Carole Graham is Secretary of the IFBB Judges Committee]

I emcee most shows in Australia.  In 1988 I was MC at the IFBB Men's World Amateur Bodybuilding Championships in Queensland, Australia.  In 1991, I was MC at the IFBB Niagara Falls Pro and IFBB Night of Champions.

I decided to promote IFBB Pro shows after travelling extensively with my wife Amanda, my best friend Sonny Schmidt and other Australian pros and thinking that shows could be more entertaining.  I believe that we treat our athletes, officials, supporters and fans very well, which explains why we get great line-ups every year.

IFBBPRO.com: Who helped you get into the business of promoting IFBB/IFBB Pro League events?
Tony: The biggest influence in my life as a promoter has been Paul Graham who gave me an opportunity when I was very young; he has always showed me the way and has been a huge influence in my professional life.

IFBBPRO.com: It appears you lead a very hectic life.  What do you do during your leisure time and do you have any hobbies or outside interests?
Tony: Outside of promoting and running our 3 gyms, which is a 12-hour-a-day, 6-day-a-week commitment, I try to spend as much "off-duty" time as I can with Amanda and the kids.  I like eating out at restaurants, driving around our beautiful country, holidays and fun weekends, all of which keeps me pretty busy and happy.

My hobbies are custom motorcycles and old cars. I ride a custom chopper and have a couple of older Harley Davidsons that I ride every chance I get.

IFBBPRO.com: How do you see the current state of bodybuilding?
In one word, "exciting".  At both the amateur and IFBB Pro level, there are great competitors emerging onto the scene every year, as well as more contests and opportunities than ever before.

IFBBPRO.com: Tony, thanks for taking the time to talk to us and best of luck with the show.
Thank you for the opportunity.

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