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Meet Promoter Tim Gardner

Submitted by IFBB Pro League Staff

Tim Gardner is the promoter of the Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships held in Tampa, Florida.

Tim was born on May 11, 1962, Itazuke AFB, Fukuoka, Japan and currently lives in Tampa. Tim studied Business Adminstration and has spent a 20-year career in the Architectural Metals and Glass industry. Tim is currently a businessman as owner of BODY*TECH Express & Vita-Mart, Inc.

IFBBPRO.com: How did you become involved in the bodybuilding and fitness industry?
Tim: I began lifting weights for high school football in 1977.  Eleven years later, I entered my first NPC competition and, by the mid 90’s, I was on the NPC national-level scene which brought additional opportunity to coach other competitors with TEAM BODY*TECH.  During this period, I became an NPC state-level judge and, in 2001, I created the NPC Hurricane & Typhoon Bay Championships.  In 2005, I became an NPC national-level judge and, in 2008, I added the NPC Tim Gardner Extravaganza to my promotions.

IFBBPRO.com: What is your history with the IFBB/IFBB Professional League?  
Tim: Initially, I became involved with the IFBB as a trainer.  In 2008, I launched the IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships.

IFBBPRO.com: Why did you decide to become a promoter?
Tim: Promoting seems to run through my veins.  I absolutely have a deep passion for the sport of bodybuilding and fitness; its athletes, officials, fans and all who are involved.  Throughout the years, as big as our industry is, there still seems to be a close-knit family sense of feel; one that I look forward to each and every year as a new season begins

IFBBPRO.com: Who do you admire within the sport?
Tim: I admired the late Steve Stone’s work ethics, diplomacy and his genuine love, not only for our sport but for the competitors as well.  Regardless of how long the weekend’s event lasted, he never neglected an athlete who needed assistance and was always smiling.  As a mentor, I hold Peter Potter in the highest regard because no matter what the level of show, Peter is always there for the competitors.  As NPC Florida Chairman, Peter, along with Florida Central District Chairman Pete Fancher, played an integral role in my evolution and maturity within the NPC and IFBB Professional League.  IFBB Professional League Chairman Jim Manion tops my list as the ultimate role model within the sport.  Jim's passion for the sport is unequalled; so too is his experience.  He is a highly respected sport leader, both inside and outside the industry.  

IFBBPRO.com: What activities or interests are you engaged in outside of sport?   
Tim: Ironically, as busy as I am with my businesses, I still remain very active with my family.  My wife, IFBB Pro Brandie Gardner, and four children – who range from 12 to 21 years old – are the driving force for me in all that I do.  As complex as my entrepreneurial schedule is, my leisure time is very simple; our family simply has fun with life.  Occasionally, I have been known to play some billiards and golf and I am an avid Buccaneer and Rays fan.

Tim with IFBB Professional League bodybuilder Clarence DeVis (from Belgium)

IFBBPRo.com: How do you view the current state of the sport of Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure?  What is your opinion on the addition of the Pro Bikini division?
Tim: What impresses me the most is that the number of athletes’ participation seems unscathed throughout the financial downturn of our economy for the last two years.  With the advent of the world wide web and its forever expanding vehicles of spreading news so quickly, our sport appears to have only grown in popularity. The new Bikini division will prove to be an excellent addition to our sport.  As did the Figure division, Bikini will need time to evolve into its own.

IFBBPRO.com: If you had one wish for the sport of Bodybuilding, what would it be?
Tim: To continue to grow and drop the stereotypical perception of our athletes and sport; to become a solid influence to those who want to be inspired for self-improvement, especially our youth, not only physically but in their mental state as well.  Bodybuilding has made me a confident person, one who can set realistic goals, plan out an attack and strategize to its completion with success. This principle can be applied to all aspects of life, not just weight training and dieting.  For this, I will forever be indebted to our industry.

IFBBPRO.com: Best of luck with this year's Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships.
Tim: Thank you for the opportunity to promote our show at IFBBPRO.com.

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