Clarence Ross

Born October 26, 1923
Oakland, California, USA


While John Grimek was termed “The Monarch of Muscledom”, Clarence “Clancy” Ross was known as “The King of Bodybuilders”.

This accolade was awarded not so much for actual titles won, but more for how his presence and aura lifted the sport. Ross’ name became legendary because of his proportionately blended muscularity, his graceful posing style and the aesthetics that earned him major magazine exposure.

Not that he didn’t scale the loftiest heights. Ross won the 1945 AAU Mr. America title, the 1946 Pro Mr. America, the 1948 Pro Mr. USA with its $1,000 payday (and in the process relegating a certain Steve Reeves to second place), and the 1949 IFBB North American Championships.

Ross also won the tall class at the 1955 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe in London. He competed for the last time in 1956, finishing second to Bill Pearl in the Pro Mr. USA. Ross played an important role during a very critical stage of the sport’s expansion, and his infusion of class and personality did much to spread the bodybuilding word to the masses.


Hall of Fame Inductees for 2000