Barton Horvath

Born August 16, 1912
New York, NY, USA


Joe Weider’s first-ever magazine was YOUR PHYSIQUE, which debuted in August 1940, and there on the cover, forever enshrined in history, was Barton Horvath, who would also grace two more covers of YOUR PHYSIQUE. From 1944 until 1952, the year YOUR PHYSIQUE was incorporated into Weider’s MUSCLE BUILDER magazine, Horvath’s articles were often featured.

He continued to write for MUSCLE BUILDER, and had been writing for Joe’s other magazine, MUSCLE POWER, since the mid-1940s. Born in New York City, Barton personified the Greek ideal of “a sound mind in a sound body” by studying opera and fine painting, while using the gym’s iron instruments to chisel his own shape – a shape he didn’t often choose to display on a competitive stage.

But his photos appeared often enough in the magazines that he was one of the most famous bodybuilders of his era. After being involved with the Weider empire for more than two decades, Horvath began publishing his own magazine in 1957; it was appropriately title MUSCLE SCUPTURE. Barton turned 89 years old last August. He continues to make his home in Florida, where he has lived for many years.


Hall of Fame Inductees for 2002