Congratulations Fitness 2010



ALL ROADS BEGIN AND END AT THE OLYMPIA: A new competitive season technically begins with the Olympia competitions, since the top 6 finalists from the Mr., 202, Ms., Fitness, Figure and Bikini Olympia become the first athletes who qualify for the next year's Olympia.  A competitive season also ends at the Olympia as this event stands as the focal point of an entire year of qualifying competitions, beginning with the previous year's Olympia.  Either way you look at it – whether beginning or end – the Olympia is the "Biggest Physique Show On Earth".

The IFBB Professional League salutes all of its professional athletes who competed in the 2009-2010 competitive season and congratulates this season's Champions.

Kizzy Vaines
2009 Fort Lauderdale Pro

Julie Palmer
2010 Phoenix Pro

Adela Garcia
2010 Fitness International

Tanji Johnson
2010 New York Pro

Camila Rodriguez
2010 Europa Show of Champions

Bethany Wagner
2010 Europa Supershow

Adela Garcia
2010 Fitness Olympia