Alan Stephan

Born April 25, 1924
Cicero, Illinois, USA


He was born Albert Steponaitis in Cicero, Illinois, graduated from J. Sterling Morton High School there, and signed up for the navy. He was discharged on April 2, 1946, exactly two months before he would win the first bodybuilding contest he entered: the 1946 AAU Mr. America.

Several weeks later, he joined weightlifter Frank Kay and photographer Al Urban on television for Bob Wright’s show, Human Interest in the News, which would mark the first time that posing plus lifting had been featured on American television.

Stephan started his own gym and by 1947, Weider’s YOUR PHYSIQUE magazine featured the Alan Stephan Health Studio in Minneapolis as a promising business.

Los Angeles was the site of Stephan’s second contest, the 1948 Mr. USA, where he came in third behind winner Clancy Ross and runner-up Steves Reeves. That autumn, Stephan won the IFBB Mr. America (the 1948 contest was for 1949 honors). Coupled with his 1946 title, Stephan became the only man to win the Mr. America title in both the AAU and IFBB.

Clancy Ross edged out Stephan at the 1949 IFBB North American championships, and his competitive career ended with a third-place tie in the tall class at the 1950 IFBB America’s Best Developed Athlete event in New York City, which Reg Park won.


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