benandjoeweiderThe International Federation of Body Builders (“IFBB”) was created by Ben and Joe Weider in 1946 in Montreal, Canada.

The first IFBB professional competition was the 1965 Mr. Olympia. 

The first IFBB professional committee was formed in 1975. Arnold Schwarzenegger was named chairman.

In 1977, this committee was reformed as “IFBB Professional Delegates-at-Large”. In 1982, these delegates were replaced by the “IFBB Professional Liaison Director”. In 1986, this liaison director became the “Director, IFBB Professional Committee”. In 1987, the “IFBB Professional Division” was formed, headed by an IFBB Vice President. In 2004, this division was restructured by an IFBB Professional Division Management Team.

In 2005, the IFBB Professional Division separated from the IFBB to become the “IFBB Professional League” or “IFBB Pro League”.

The president of the IFBB Professional League is Jim Manion (USA).

The Ms. Olympia was created in 1980, followed by the Fitness Olympia in 1995; the Figure Olympia in 2003; the 202 (later 212) Olympia in 2008; the Bikini Olympia in 2010; the Men’s and Women’s Physique Olympia in 2013; and the Classic Physique Olympia in 2016.

Olympia Winners 1965 – 2016

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