1970 Congress


Reprinted from MUSCLE BUILDER/POWER, June 1971
Belgrade, Yugoslavia, September 4, 1970


The International Federation of Bodybuilders made bodybuilding history when it staged its first International Congress in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, on Friday, September 4th, 1970. The full minutes of that Congress, the Constitution and Rules that were passed, and a report of the IFBB "Mr. Universe" contest that was held the day after the Congress follow.

Life World President of the IFBB Ben Weider addresses
the historical IFBB Congress in Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Editor’s note: Ben Weider, having been unanimously elected “Life President” in 1970, would, at the next electoral Congress in Verona, Italy (1974), decline this status and stand for election in the same manner and under the same rules as all other IFBB members.

MINUTES of the IFBB International Congress, held on Friday, September 4th, 1970, 3:30pm-8:30pm, in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

PRESENT: Mr. Ben Weider, (Canada) founder of the original I.F.B.B.

Heinz Etangl
Hans George Dermouz

Julian Blommaert
Jacques Blommaert

Andre Begin
Alexandre Carali

Ladislav Filip

Charalambos Avelkious

Serge Nubret

Peter Fasching
Benno Dahmen

Ramesh Syal

Major M. Abu Bakar

Ben Antes

Joe Dimech

Ahmed Salem Al Rubei

Malih Alaywan

Giovanni Desiati

Iwao Matuyama

Jeiry Goizkontin

Kamal Khoudeir
Kaki Hibrawi

Ch. Mohamed Amin
Rana Abdul Qayyum

Jose Donato Munoz
Baldo Lois Oltra

Zeki Yonet

Mustapha Hefzi
Abdel Moneim Osmon

Chuck Sipes
Lud Shusterich

John Ong

Takis Kazakos

Milan Cabric


Mr. Oscar State, General Secretary of the International Weightlifters Federation (IWF), was present in an advisory capacity.

Mr. Milan Cabric, President of the Yugoslav Bodybuilding Federation, welcomed all delegates, and wished them a successful Congress, and an enjoyable stay in Yugoslavia.

Mr. Cabric (Yugoslavia) proposed that Mr. Ben Weider (Canada) should be elected Chairman of the Congress. This was unanimously agreed with acclamation. Mr. Weider thanked the delegates for their confidence in him, and also for their attendance at this historic Congress. He briefly explained the background and purposes of the Congress.

Mr. A. Carali (Canada) was unanimously elected Secretary of the Congress.

Every paragraph of every article was carefully read, and where necessary, discussed and amended by vote. The official IFBB Constitution is enclosed as Appendix 1.

a. President. Mr. State proposed that Mr. Ben Weider be elected as Life President, in recognition of all his services to bodybuilding. This was unanimously agreed by acclamation.

All eyes are on Ben Weider as he tells the Congress about the IFBB AWARD OF MERIT
which will go to those who perform outstanding work for our sport.

b. Vice Presidents.
Dr. Dick Tyler ……….North America
Lloyd Derrell…………Caribbean
Serge Nubret………..France
Malih Alaywan……….Middle East (Senior Vice President)
Abdul Osman……….Africa
Mohammad Amin…Asia

c. General Secretary. Alex Carali (Canada)

d. Assistant Secretary. Emil Muller (Canada)

e. Treasurer. Harold Eisenberg (Canada)

f. Liaison and co-ordination. John Ong (Singapore)

g. Judges Committee.
Lud Shusterich, USA, Chairman
L. Filip, Czechoslovakia, Secretary
M. Hefzi, U.A.R.
J. Blommaert, Belgium
A. Bakar, Malaysia

h. Technical Committee.
Milan Cabric, Yugoslavia, Chairman
Dr. Bacinsky, Czechoslovakia, Secretary
A. Salam Al-Rubei, Iraq
M. Abdullah, U.A.R.
A. Kiou, Cyprus
Z. Yoney, Turkey

i. Patrons. Mr. Ben Weider proposed the following who were unanimously elected: –

Joe Weider……….USA
John Ong………….Singapore
Marc Hankard……Belgium


6. "MR. ASIA 1971" – This was allocated to Pakistan, and will be held in Lahore.

7. "MR. EUROPE 1971" – This was allocated to France and will be held in Monaco.

8. "MR. NORTH AMERICA 1971" – This was allocated to the U.S.A., location not yet decided.

9. "MR. UNIVERSE 1971" – This was allocated to France, and will be held in Paris.

10. SELECTION OF JUDGES – The following were selected to judge the 1970 "Mr. Universe" contest: –
M. Hefzi (U.A.R.), M. Amin (Pakistan), M. Badr (Lebanon), G. Desiati (Italy), P. Fasching (Germany), S. Nubret (Franc4e), and M. Mihajlovic (Yugoslavia).

President Ben Weider made presentations to the following officials, in recognition of their services to bodybuilding: –

M. Nassr (U.A.R.)
A. Zapatinos (Greece)
G. Desiati (Italy)
M. Alaywan (Lebanon)
M. Cabric (Yugoslavia)
L. Filip (Czechoslovakia)
M. Hankard (Belgium)
S. Zakrzewski (Poland)
W. Fahmi (Jordan)
A. Yessaian (Iraq)

At 8:30pm, President Ben Weider declared the first IFBB International Congress adjourned.

        1970 EDITION
IFBB President Ben Weider is flanked by Oscar State of Great Britain (on his left) and Malih Alaywan of Lebanon (on his right) during the IFBB Congress in Yugoslavia. IFBB General Secretary Alex Carali (Canada) is at the far right of the picture.

The International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB for short) is composed of the National Federations governing bodybuilding and physical culture on the basis of one federation per country.

The objects of the IFBB are as follows:

1. To promote, control and develop bodybuilding and physical culture on an international scale.
2. To promote an interest in and a dedication to better health and fitness through physical culture, proper nutrition and weight training.
3. To develop and intensify friendship and cooperation among the National Federations and bodybuilders from all countries.
4. To honor exceptional officials with special plaques or medals.
5. To coordinate and supervise the activities of the National Federations practicing bodybuilding and physical culture. Its decision is final in regard to any dispute that may arise between its affiliated federations.
6. To set up rules for physique contests.
7. To appoint qualified judges.
8. To regulate and control world and continental championships and international contests for bodybuilders.
9. To set up a committee to discipline National Federations that do not follow the "CONSTITUTION".

1. The IFBB forbids all racial, political or religious discussions or demonstrations.
2. No distinction can be made between countries or individuals for reasons of race, color, religion or politics.
3. Its headquarters is situated in the town where the president lives.
4. Its duration is unlimited.
5. The official journal of the IFBB is the "MUSCLE BUILDER" magazine.


The official languages of the IFBB are English and French. All publications and correspondence of the IFBB shall be conducted only in English or French. Similarly he proceedings of the Congress, meetings of the Executive Council and Committees shall be held in these two languages. Representatives of affiliated countries may speak their mother tongue but they must provide an interpreter to speak in English or French.
The organizing federation in whose country the Congress is held shall provide facilities for interpretation into English and French and, where necessary, the native language.
The IFBB shall publish in English and French the reports of the Congress and results of the various resolutions.

1. The highest power of the IFBB is its Congress. An IFBB Congress will take place every year on the occasion of the "Mr. Universe" contest. The following matters must be on the agenda: –

a) The affiliation of new members.
b) The examination and approval of the annual reports of the President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Council and Committees.
c) The filling in of vacancies in the Executive Council and Committees of the IFBB.
d) The attribution of World Championships, "Mr. Universe" contest and Continental Championships.

2. Every four years a special Congress will be held to decide on the following questions in addition to those of the annual Congress: –

a) Elections of officers, members of the Executive Council and committees. They will serve until after the following election Congress, unless replaced as the appropriate articles permit.


b) Modifications of IFBB articles and rules.
c) Propositions of affiliated federations.

3. The Congress is composed of the delegates of the affiliated National Federations. Each country may be represented by two delegates but is entitled to only one vote. Voting by proxy is not permitted. Each country may also be represented by two observers, but who have no right to speak, join debates or vote.

4. Federations shall be represented at the Congress by members of their own federations, who must give proof of membership and of their appointment by their federation.

5. The presence of the President or General Secretary of the IFBB is compulsory at all IFBB Congresses.

6. The country organizing the Congress shall undertake the expenses of bed and breakfast of the members of the Executive Council and of the two delegates from each country for at least three days.

7. Propositions fro the Congress must reach the office of the General Secretary two months before the date fixed for the Congress. The agenda must reach the affiliated federations one month before the date fixed for the Congress. The Congress can only discuss questions on the agenda.

8. Candidatures to the various posts of the Executive Council must reach the office of the General Secretary by registered letter at least two months before the date of the said Congress. National Federations can only propose members of their own federations for these posts.


9. The election of members of the Executive Council shall be carried out by secret ballot, by absolute majority on the first ballot and by relative majority on the second ballot.

10. The Congress must obtain at least one quarter of the votes called in the discussion when it concerns modification of the articles or rules.

11. Modifications to articles and rules are applicable as soon as the Congress Report has been published.

12. The sessions of the IFBB Congress are private.

If requested by one third of the number of affiliated National Federations, an extraordinary IFBB Congress must be convened by the Executive Council, within two months of the request being received.

1. During the periods between Congresses, the IFBB is administered by an Executive Council consisting of the President and one Vice-President for each area of the world, the General Secretary, an Assistant General Secretary and a Treasurer. The seniority of the Vice-Presidents shall be decided in accordance with the number of votes which they receive. The Assistant General Secretary must obligatory live in the same town as the General Secretary so as to be able to take his place or help him with his duties, if the need arises.

2. Any member of the federation affiliated to the IFBB is eligible for election. The candidate must be of the nationality or citizenship of the country which proposes him.

3. The Executive Council is elected for a term of four years. Retiring members are eligible for re-election.

4. In the case of a vacancy of the President, the first Vice-President will fulfill the functions of the President. In the case of vacancy of the General Secretary, the Assistant General Secretary will fulfill the functions of the General Secretary. The following Congress will regularize these positions. In the case of other posts on the Executive Council being vacant, Vice-Presidents will only be replaced during the course of the next IFBB Congress.

5. The Executive Council shall meet at least once a year and whenever convened by the President and General Secretary after agreement between them, or at the request of at least half of the members of the Executive Council.

6. Any member regularly absent from the meetings, unless on account of valid reasons, may be suspended by a decision of the absolute majority of the Executive Council and replaced at the next Congress of the IFBB.

7. Minutes of the meetings shall be kept by the General Secretary. The sittings of the Executive Council are private.


Committees appointed by the Congress are as follows: –

1. A Judges Committee composed of a chairman, a secretary and three other members.

This committee shall: –

a) be responsible for the training, appointment and promotion of judges at all championships and contests under IFBB control;
b) authorize the chairman, assisted by the secretary, to be the only officials to calculate the results of the physique championships and contests from the judges’ score sheets. They shall be sworn to secrecy by the President of the IFBB.

2. A Technical Committee composed of a chairman, a secretary and three members.

This committee shall: –

a) be responsible for collecting all possible material dealing with physical culture, body building and weight training;
b) prepare materials for the wider popularization of body building and physical culture;
c) conduct clinics and research into the best methods of body building and physical culture;
d) organize regular conferences for body building coaches and instructors.

1. The President directs the debate and keeps order at the Congress and meetings of the Executive Council according to the traditions and rules of parliamentary debate.
2. In the case of equal voting on a motion, the President shall have the deciding vote.
3. The President shall attend the "Mr. Universe" contest and his traveling and accommodation expenses shall be paid by the organizing federation.


4. The President shall take a principle part in the Opening Ceremony at the "Mr. Universe" contest.
5. The President shall present medals to the winners in the victory ceremonies. He may delegate this duty to other officials of his choice.
6. To appoint a committee to take disciplinary action against any member whose conduct is considered prejudicial to the IFBB or who has violated the IFBB Constitution and Rules. Action may consist of a warning, temporary suspension of membership and privileges or expulsion. The decision of the committee is final.

1. Each Vice-President shall supervise the activities of the National Federations in his continent or sub-continent but he cannot interfere with the internal control of their own contests, etc. unless they violate the rules of the IFBB.
2. The Vice-President shall take an active part in the organization of his Continental Championships.
3. The Vice-President shall preside over the Congress held in connection with his Continental Championships.
4. Each Vice-President shall submit a report on the activities of his continent at the annual Congress of the IFBB.
5. Each Vice-President shall assure that at least one national contest is organized in each country under his control and assure that a photographic report is sent to the General Secretary of the IFBB.

1. To attend to the correspondence with the federations affiliated to the IFBB.
2. To provide all information concerning bodybuilding and physical culture.
3. To draw up the agenda of the Congress in accordance with the wishes and propositions of the affiliated federations and to send it to the federations one month before the date fixed for the Congress.


4. To distribute to all affiliated federations a report on the Congress.
5. To attend to all documentation and in particular the publication of the results of World Championships, Continental Championships, "Mr. Universe" and "Mr. Olympia" contests.

1. The Treasurer must receive all payments, pay all necessary expenses and keep accounts of them, which shall be verified by the auditors once a year, and copies sent to affiliated federations. All checks must be countersigned either by the President or General Secretary.

Any National Federation wishing to affiliate to the IFBB must send to the General Secretary or the President the following documents: –

1. A request for affiliation signed by their President and General Secretary.
2. A copy of their constitution.
3. A list of their Executive Committee.
4. The annual subscription fee of $35 US dollars.

An application for the membership implies complete recognition of the articles and rules of the IFBB. After deposit of the documents and payment of the subscription, the federation shall be affiliated provisionally until the next Congress which will confirm the affiliation.

1. The amount of the annual subscription to the IFBB is decided by the Congress. The subscription is payable in the first month of the year. Any country which has not paid its subscription for the current year cannot participate or vote at the various meetings of the IFBB and its members cannot take part in competitions organized under the rules of the IFBB. A letter of reminder shall be sent to every federation which has not paid its subscription in January.

25 countries were represented at the IFBB "Mr. Universe" contest in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.
The Overall Champion title went to Franco Columbu (Italy), seen to the right of the posing platform.
ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and FRANCO COLUMBU. two of the great Weider Stars of the 70’s, won top honors in recent events. Arnold won over Sergio Oliva for the Mr. World title at Columbus, Ohio, and again beat Sergio for the Mr. Olympia title in New York. Franco won the Mr. Europe title in Essen, Germany and the IFBB "Mr. Universe" title at Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

2. Any Federation which organizes the World Championships or "Mr. Universe" contest shall pay a fee of $100 US dollars to the IFBB.
3. Any Federation which organizes a Continental Championships shall pay a fee of $50 US dollars to the IFBB.
4. I.F.B.B. blazer emblems in woven silk for members, judges, committee and vice-presidents are available. Also at your disposal are lapel pins, membership cards, contest permits and standard Entry Forms. Write to: General Secretary for information.

1. The organization of Continental Championships, or "Mr. Universe" contest shall be undertaken at their own risk by the Federation of the country to which these events have been attributed.
2. Applications to organize these championships or contests must be made in writing to the General Secretary of the IFBB and the necessary fee must be paid at the same time. If a country is not accorded the championship or contest, the fee shall be returned to them. If a country is accorded a championship or contest, the fee shall be retained by the IFBB and shall not be returned if the championship or contest is subsequently cancelled for any reason whatsoever.
3. Entry to these championships or contests is made only by affiliated National Federations. Any bodybuilder or any country which is not affiliated to the IFBB cannot participate.
4.The National Federations must notify the federation organizing the championship or contest of their intention to participate at least two months in advance of the date fixed for the contest.
5. The National Federations must sent to the federation organizing the championships or contest their definite nominations of competitors at least two weeks before the opening date. After this date, nominations shall not be accepted.
6. Countries organizing World Championships, Continental Championships, or "Mr. Universe" contest, must guarantee unconditional entry to all countries eligible to compete.


7. Federations organizing World Championships, Continental Championships, or "Mr. Universe" contest, shall undertake the expenses of room and breakfast for the competitors and one official of each participating country for three days.
8. Federations organizing World Championships, or "Mr. Universe" contest, shall undertake the expenses of room and breakfast for the members of the Executive Council for three days.
9. International competitions or exhibitions are not permitted with non-members of the IFBB nor in contests not authorized by the IFBB.


There shall be an Opening Ceremony at World Championships, Continental Championships, "Mr. Universe" contests, with the following procedure:

1. The IFBB Emblem must be prominently displayed on the stage.
2. All participating National Federations shall parade in sequence according to the alphabet; the organizing country shall enter last in the parade.
3. The captain of each national team shall carry his national flag at the forefront of his team and shall form a semicircle on the stage.

  4. The guest of honor of the organizing federation shall give a speech.
5. The President of the organizing federation shall give a speech.
6. The President of the IFBB shall reply and shall declare the championship or contest open.
7. The national flag of the organizing federation and the flag of the IFBB shall be raised while the national anthem of the organizing federation is played.
8. The speakers shall leave the stage.
9. The teams shall march out.

When the results of each height category are announced there shall be a victory ceremony with the following procedure: –

1. All competitors shall line up across the rear of the stage.
2. A victory pedestal with three places shall be placed in the center of the stage.
3. The speaker shall announce the name of the competitor in third place, his country and his score and that competitor shall mount the pedestal to the left of the winner.
4. The speaker shall announce the name of the competitor in second place, his country and his score and that competitor shall mount the pedestal to the right of the winner.
5. The speaker shall announce the name of the winner, his country and his score and that competitor shall mount the center pedestal.
6. The president of the IFBB, accompanied by the president of the organizing federation, shall present to the champion, the gold medal, the silver medal to the second competitor and the bronze medal to the third competitor. These medals shall be provided by the organizing federation and are available from headquarters for a nominal fee.
7. A similar ceremony shall be arranged for the presentation of the special trophy to the winner of the World Championship, "Mr. Universe", or Continental Championships.
8. A similar ceremony shall be arranged for the presentation of the team trophies to the captains of the three winning countries in World and Continental Championships.

Failure to adhere to the rules of this Constitution will call for a complete investigation by the President and the General Secretary in consultation. If necessary, the Vice-President of the continent concerned will be asked to submit a report. If the member or federation is found guilty of deviating from the rules or of conduct prejudicial to the IFBB, he or they will be suspended for a period to be decided by the President. The matter will be discussed at the next meeting of the Executive Council who will decide. If the conduct is serious enough for expulsion, the matter will be discussed by the Congress whose decision is final.

1. The Congress may grant titles of Honorary President, Honorary Vice-Presidents or Honorary Members to individuals for meritorious services rendered to the IFBB. They shall be recommended by the Executive Committee. All such individuals shall be permitted to attend the Congress with the right to join in discussions but not to vote.
2. The Honorary President, Vice-Presidents, or Members shall be responsible for their own travel and all expenses. They shall not be eligible to attend any Standing Committee meeting except by written invitation from such Standing Committee.

  The heart of the IFBB. Ben Weider at his desk at IFBB headquarters in Montreal, pleased with what a great year 1970 was for the sport of bodybuilding and the IFBB.

1. All judges must be members of a federation affiliated to the IFBB.
2. Every international judge must be a holder of a card issued by the IFBB International Office. The National Federations shall appoint their own judges for local or national competitions. Special examination tests are available for this purpose. National judges shall be recommended by the national committee to the IFBB Judges Committee in order to be appointed as official international judge.
Judges will be classified to judge national championships or contests, Continental championships or contests, world championships, "Mr. Universe" contests, by the IFBB Judges Committee.
3. Judges must pay a fee of $5.00 tot he IFBB General Secretary before their IFBB card can be delivered.
4. Judges proposed by their National Federations at the Congress preceding the championship or contest shall be drawn by lot by the IFBB Judges Committee from a short list prepared by then at a private meeting apart from the Congress.
5. Each country may nominate only one judge for an international contest. There must always be an odd number of judges.
6. The secretary of the IFBB Judges Committee shall keep a list of all IFBB international judges. Only the Executive Council of the IFBB has the power to change an international judge.

1. There are three height classes in the international competitions:

a) Below 5’5" or approx. 1 m 65 – Class C (Short)
b) Below 5’8" or approx. 1 m 72 – Class B (Medium)
c) 5’8" or approx. 1 m 72 and above – Class A (Tall)

2. Each affiliated federation may enter up to three competitors who may enter any height category of the Continental Championships, or "Mr. Universe" contest.
3. All competitors must have their height checked in bare feet before the judging of the competition begins.
4. During the measuring, the judges will determine the order the competitors will appear before the judges.

1. Five or seven judges shall be appointed by the IFBB Judges Committee. They shall all come from different countries, if possible. Three reserves shall also be appointed, if possible.



2. The chairman of the IFBB Judges Committee shall supervise the judging procedure.
3. The judging shall take place in private, before the public presentation. The secretary of the IFBB Judges Committee shall prepare the score sheets for the judges. Each height category shall have a separate score sheet. Competitors shall be listed on every score sheet in accordance with the draw made during the height measurement. Each judge will require two score sheets for each height category. The chairman of the IFBB Judges Committee will require a master score sheet for eight height categories and a master score sheet for the overall result.
4. The competition shall be conducted in three rounds.

a) First round: – presentation of all competitors in one combined group. This will be followed by the presentation of the competitors in their separate height categories. No score are given for this round during which the judges shall begin to make comparative assessments and establish a basis for their marks.
b) Second round: – individual presentation, front, back and sides without muscle contraction or any posing. The competitors shall wear the numbers that they have drawn during the height measurement. The judges shall place from 1 to 6.
c) Third round: – individual presentation with posing by choice for a period of 60 seconds at a maximum. This time will also apply to the public presentation. A timekeeper shall be appointed. The judges shall place from 1 to 6.

Each judge must allocate his marks independently without consulting any of the other judges. Any judge who attempts to influence the others shall be removed by the chairman of the IFBB Judges Committee who shall select a replacement from the list of reserves. In case of any dispute, the President has the final decision.
5. The use of artificial oil and coloring on the body by the competitors is strictly forbidden. The use of drugs as defined by the I.O.C. is also forbidden. The chairman of the IFBB Judges Committee can immediately disqualify any competitor who breaks these rules.
6. The secretary of the IFBB Judges Committee shall collect the judges’ score sheets after each round of the judging.
7. The chairman of the IFBB Judges Committee, assisted by the secretary, shall calculate the total scores of the competitors. The scores for the two rounds shall be added together for a grand total.


8. The bodybuilder with the highest score in his height class shall be the winner. In the case of equality in points, the judges shall again judge the two contestants, but this time select the winner by name. After the winner of each height category has been announced at the public presentation, they will pose together on the stage and the judges will select the overall winner. Therefore, the principle of having odd number of judges will assure a winner.
9. The final scores must be kept secret by the chairman and secretary of the IFBB Judges Committee. The results will only be announced at the end of the public presentation.

1. The winner of each height category will receive a gold medal, the competitor placed second a silver medal, the competitor placed third, a bronze medal.
2. The first to sixth place in each height category will receive a diploma.
3. The title "Mr. Universe" will be awarded to the competitor placed first by the judges, irrespective of height. He will receive a special trophy.
4. The classification by countries will be effected by allocating seven points to the first in each height category, five points to the second, four points to the third, three points to the fourth, two points to the fifth and one point to the sixth.
5. In the case of a tie in classification by countries, the country having most first places shall be classified first. If necessary, ties in points can be decided by considering most second places, most third places and so on.
6. Special trophies shall be presented to the first three countries in the team championships.
7. A Continental Championship may be combined with the "Mr. Universe" contest.
8. Each competitor and each official participating in the championship or contest shall receive a souvenir medal from the organizing federation.
9. Each national committee may recommend to the President, one worth individual per year whose outstanding service and devotion to the sport of bodybuilding make them worthy recipients of the "Certificate of Merit", which is the highest honor which can be bestowed by the I.F.B.B.

Oscar State, OBE,
doing what he loved best; officiating at one of the many
IFBB international bodybuilding championships

Ben Weider visiting his longtime friend and colleague
Oscar State, who was instrumental in the IFBB’s recognition in 1971 by the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF)


1st – Francesco Columbu (Italy)
2nd – Giuseppe Deiana (Italy)
3rd – Kassem Yazbek (Syria)
4th – Anolf Zibear (Austria)
5th – Mohamed Hamdi (U.A.R.)
6th – Renato Bertagna (Italy)

1st – Ahmed Enulnu (Turkey)
2nd – Chuck Sipes (U.S.A.)
3rd – Helmut Schneider (Germany)
4th – Khaled Baydaadkar (Lebanon)
5th – Abbas Jabar (Iraq)
6th – Baldo Lois (Spain)

1st – Karl Kainrath (Austria)
2nd – Dirk Warner (Belgium)
3rd – Vic Downs (Canada)
4th – Ali El Gayar (Iraq)
5th – Galal El Sayed (U.A.R.)
6th – Abdel Hamid El Guindi (U.A.R.)

"Mr. Universe" 1970

1st – Francesco Columbu (Italy)
2nd – Kark Kainrath (Austria)
3rd – Ahmed Enunlu (Turkey)


1st – Italy
2nd – Austria
3rd – Turkey


Mr. Mikhalovitz (Yugoslavia)
Mr. Fasching (Germany)
Mr. Mustapha Herzi (U.A.R.)
Mr. Diazetti (Italy)
Mr. Moheddine Badr (Lebanon)
Mr. Serge Nubret (France)
Mr. Mohammid Amin (Pakistan)

Lud Shusterich (U.S.A.)

Ladislav Filip (Czechoslovakia)

The Overall "Mr. Universe"
From left to right: Karl Kainrath (Austria – 2nd),
Francesco Columbu (Italy – 1st), Ahmed Enunlu (Turkey – 3rd)


*Editor’s Note:
Many people have wondered what was happening within the IFBB between 1946, when the IFBB was founded by Ben and Joe in Montreal, and the 1st IFBB International Congress in 1970. In the December 1971 issue of MUSCLE BUILDER/POWER, in a guest editorial written by Ben Weider called "Come on in, the water’s fine", Ben states, "During the intervening years, I traveled to more than 90 countries and my brother to more than 40 on behalf of bodybuilding." Ben goes on to say, "Between the years 1946 and 1971, we succeeded in getting 57 nations to affiliate."

We get some idea of the reach of the IFBB by examining its list of IFBB Directors, published each month in the "IFBB News & Notes". Here is the list in August 1970, one month before the historic Congress in Belgrade:

International President
Ben Weider
Montreal, Canada

Joe Weider
New Jersey, U.S.A.

European Director
Julian Blommaert
Bruges, Belgium

Mokrachi Bagdad

Arabian Gulf
Hassan El-Sayed Nossier

Jose A. Fuentes Martinez
Buenos Aires

Stan Alderson
Rockdale, N.S.W.

Heinz Stangl

North Borneo
John S. Low

Rodolfo Schneider

N. Fitcheff
Iatey Kostadinous Mechkov

So Peng Hong

Hubert Wong

Burnell Williams

Elliot Gilchrist
St. George

Esmmanuuel Laroche
Pointe a Pitre

Gene McDonald

Victor A. Copra

Puerto Rico
Mike Torres

St. Lucia
Mervin Finisterre
Robert Sandiford

St. Vincent
J.R. Garnet
Winston Roberts

Trinidad & Tobago
Lloyd Derrell
San Juan
George Springer


and all Socialist Countries

Ladislav Filip

Eduardo Sanchez Urquiza

Moustafa Abdallah

United Kingdom
John Knox

A. K. Nair

Serge Ollier

Peter Fasching

Special Advisor
Lud Shusterich

Andreas Zapatinas


British Honduras
Roger B.A. Silva
Belize City

Pallai J. Czuczor

Victor John Handal

Giovanni Desiati Bergamo

Iwao Matuyama
H. Takamura

Mohammed Jamshed

Roberto Dana

Singapore and Asia
John Ong

Major M. Abu

J. Dimech

D. Christian Gaud
Francis Immouche
Port Louis

Valente Perez
Mexico City
Eduardo Silvestre

Alelfatah Essanaoubar
Abdelkader Rahimi

Kees Can Velden

National G.E.S.

A. Knudsen

Persian Gulf
Hissain Mirza Ally

Tom Ortego

South Africa
M.W. Mokoena

South West Africa
H.H. Ingram

Gimnasio Culturista Donato

Borge Franzen
Tore Svengarten

Kamal Khudair
Mahmoud Samawi

Zeki Yonet

United States
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You can learn more about Ben Weider’s many trips and how
he and Joe "grew" the IFBB in their new book, "Brothers of Iron"

The book cover of Brothers of Iron

On May 19th, 2006, Ben Weider, President of the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB), was a featured author at BookExpo America (BEA), Washington, DC, promoting “ Brothers of Iron,” a new 300-page book written with his brother Joe.

The BEA is the largest book publishing event in the U.S. with over 2,000 exhibits and publishers on display.

Brothers of Iron chronicles the life of how two young boys from a poor but hard-working Jewish family in Montreal, Canada, revolutionized the sport of bodybuilding and helped inspire the global physical fitness movement.

For nearly three years, Joe and I have been hard at work on this book,” said Weider. “Through our book, Joe and I want to share our values of life and hard work with people all around the world. Anything is possible as long as you are willing to make sacrifices and have passion,” Weider said

Brothers of Iron depicts the remarkable accounts of how the Weider brothers were able to start their publishing empire, promote the benefits of supplements, become recipients of dozens of awards and honors and most importantly, motivate and inspire millions of people world-wide. In addition to forewords by Juan Antonio Samaranch, former president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the book also features 24 pages of rare photos from the Weider photo collection.

Ben Weider and son Eric at Bookexpo America

The Weiders will appear at a special book signing during the Joe Weider Olympia Weekend, September 30th, 11:00am-1:00 pm, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition, the Weiders will make appearances at select bookstores (in North America) to include Barnes & Noble in October and November. For the most up-to-date schedule of appearances, visit www.ifbb.com

Brothers of Iron will be available in late September; however, you can visit www.amazon.com or www.sportspublishingllc.com to pre-order the book.